History, Benefits and Types of Gemstone Beads

If you are new to the world of gemstone beads you are in for a spectacular treat of the senses. Crafted out of precious and semi-precious stones these beads are available in a whole array of colors, shapes and cuts and can be used to design some of the most stunning pieces of handmade jewelry. In the following sections we will explore some of the basic aspects of these timeless gems and try to get a better understanding about their significance and the reasons behind their undying appeal since ancient times.

A Brief History of Gemstone Beads

Gemstones have been used in the form of beads since ancient times. During the earlier ages these stones were used for adornment as well as in the form of currency. In some cultures precious forms of these stones were a mark of royalty and power and were exclusively worn by kings and noble men. One of the most important roles of these stones in the past was that the pure and completely natural ones were used in religious ceremonies as they were believed to represent celestial bodies and therefore carried strong spiritual significance for the communities.

Types of Gemstone Beads

A gemstone is basically a mineral or a rock of precious or semi-precious nature and the most sought after amongst them are the natural ones which are then cut and polished mainly for jewelry making. Due to their huge market demand you can now find an unlimited range of gemstones which are differentiated on the basis of their mineral compositions and structure. While the list of various gemstone types is virtually endless, beads made out of aquamarines, amethyst, pearls, topaz, jade, quartz, opals, ruby, sapphires, crystal, garnet, onyx are some of the most popular ones.

Varied Uses As Well and Benefits

One of the most popular ways of using gemstone beads is in the form of jewelry. Nowadays more and more people are opting for a whole selection of different beads and creating their own pieces by hand. Designing handmade jewelry with these stones has become very easy as the beads are available in beautiful and very attractive shapes and can be easily fitted into pendant and brooches as well as stringed into necklaces.

Natural gemstone beads have been valued since ancient times due to their stunning beauty as well as healing properties. As these stones are made up of a crystalline structure they are known to attract positive energies as well as provide the wearer with a strong immunity. Nowadays it is very easy to find out which stone would be curative and beneficial for you to wear as most of them are available as birth stones. All you need to do is pick up gemstone beads that correspond to your month of birth and you can create a beautiful set of jewelry that will be unique and custom-made just for you!

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