Sell Your Handmade Ideas – Sterling Silver

Selling handmade sterling silver online is becoming popular these days. Before people had to make way to drop by the store just to purchase handmade sterling silver; thanks to technology, things have been more convenient for sellers to show their handcrafted sterling silver to a bigger market. If you want to sell handmade sterling silver online, here are some of the things you need to put in mind first.

– If this is your first time to sell handmade silver, you will need to look for a good site to help showcase your work. Handmade sterling silver is different from commercially manufactured ones, and since you are an independent entrepreneur, you will to look for a website that can protect is sellers and consumers. Remember, although online selling and actual selling are same in idea, both are still different from each other. Look for a credible site to upload your goods. You can mention the link to your friends as well to help spread the word.

– Take a good photo of your handmade sterling silver pieces with a digital camera. Then you have to upload this on the website. Make sure the photo is not blurry and say if the photo is an actual size. This gives your customers an idea how big the handmade sterling silver pieces are.

– Once you have made that, come up with a good write-up for your pieces. Make sure you include the necessary details such as silver content percentage, types of gemstones, and the other materials that were used in the design of your pieces. If you feel like including the concept of your design, then mention it in the write-up to make it more personal.

– Mention that it is handmade. Stating that what you did is by hand, you give a better impression of your handmade sterling silver to your possible clients.

– Include the measurements of your products. Since you plan to sell jewelry, it would be best if you include the dimensions if you cannot produce a photo of the product in actual size.

– Since you will ship your items, you need to specify first the length of delivery time. You will need to put the product in an acid free box. Wrap the jewelry piece in an acid free paper. Some would use cotton pads, but thin acid free paper would do fine. Include a certification that what your client will receive is an original creation (you can include the number of batches you made), if you want to include warranty then that is optional as well. Some sellers would put a take care note on how clients would maintain the beauty of the product.

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